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Brainstorm Brainstorm (?): (#3) "Hot and Cold" Discussion
Game author: air
The game complexity factor: 0.4
Author's factor of game complexity: 1
The game quality index: 8.65
Scenario availability: Available
Game: Brainstorm
Game format: Single
The levels passing sequence: Linear
Start of the game: 3/17/2010 11:00:00 AM (UTC -4)
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The game completion time: 3/17/2010 12:00:00 PM (UTC -4)
In the game participated: 574 players (statistics)
Game status: Game is available for playing (enter the game)
Responses in the guest book: 20 messages
The list of administrators who actually had access to the scenario: air (in detail)

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Game Description:
There are 8 tasks in the game. In each task you will see a large colourful picture with lots of small details. You need to guess the author's thought of some object from this picture. It can be shown in the picture fully or partially.Type all your assumptions of the answer. The closer your answer is to the hidden object, the warmer sector will be covered by your answers.

This game is more entertaining than intellectual.


[ICY] pineapple
[VERY COLD] grapefruit
[COLD] lemon
[WARM] banana
[HOT] melon
[VERY HOT] coconut
[ANSWER] kiwi

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